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21st Century Salvage, Inc.

About US

At 21st Century Salvage, Inc., we're more than just a demolition company. With a legacy of excellence in commercial demolition services, we specialize in safe, efficient, and innovative solutions tailored for industrial and commercial sectors. Our team of seasoned demolition specialists is dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards while delivering outstanding results.


Demolition Services


Commercial Building Demolition

Expertise in complete and partial structural demolition, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Commercial Interior & Selective Strip Out

Tailored interior demolition services for a variety of commercial spaces, focusing on precision and detail.

Automotive Strip Out & Demolition

Specialized in automotive facilities, offering comprehensive demolition and strip-out services.

Industrial Demolition

Safety & Compliance

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our team is rigorously trained and compliant with industry standards, ensuring every project is executed with the utmost safety and environmental consideration

Health and Educational Facility Services

Sensitive to the unique needs of healthcare and educational institutions, we provide specialized demolition and strip-out services.

Industrial Deep Cleaning

Extending beyond demolition, our industrial deep cleaning services prepare your site for its next phase.


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